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  • 1010 Dilworth
  • 1010 Kenilworth Avenue
  • Charlotte, NC 28204
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  • 1010 Dilworth has a Walk Score of 70 out of 100. Most errands can be accomplished on foot within a half mile including community resources like restaurants, bars, retail, parks, and places of worship.
  • 1010 Dilworth features third party inspected insulation and air sealing held to stringent guidelines with Grade 1 insulation installed.
  • 1010 Dilworth features energy efficient windows, 75% energy efficient lighting and ceiling fans.
  • 1010 Dilworth features Energy Star appliances that use less energy and save the tenants money.
  • 1010 Dilworth includes low flow lavatory faucets, shower heads.
  • The landscaping at 1010 Dilworth will utilize drip irrigation and rain sensors providing water and energy savings.
  • 1010 Dilworth features MERV 8 filters on hvac systems to help increase the indoor environmental quality.